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Mahender Singh College of Pharmacy under the aegis of Guru Vishudha Nand Siksha Samiti in North India, which imparting quality pharmaceutical education.

A pharmacy profession offer a vast number of rewarding career opportunities in the health care sector. Indian pharmaceutical industry is a rapidly growing sector with a 15% annual growth rate and export crossing Rs. 15000 crores. Annual demand of pharmacist is increasing in leaps & bounds. Pharmacists are needed by the pharmaceutical industry in different areas such as manufacturing quality assurances & quality control, Regulatory affairs , R & D , marketing & sales.

Pharmacists are also needed in government regulatory bodies concerned with drugs control in the health are sector a pharmacist can find employment in the hospitals, in retail , in clinical research and in pharmacovigilances. To pharmaceutical companies hiring pharmacist include Ranbaxy, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Glaxo, Novartis, Dr. Reddy, Abbott and many more.


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